Public Notice

The Imo State Waste Management Agency ISWAMA wish to inform the General Public of what is expected of the Public in the area of generation and storage of Waste pre to evacuation. This also sounds as a warning of what not to do with your Waste and how not to expose your Waste.

ISWAMA warns as follows;

(A) Provide and maintain covered dustbin outside the Tenement suitable to be used for depositing solid waste.

(B) Not cause obnoxious, toxic or poisonous waste to be deposited in the dustbin so provided under paragraph (A).

(C) Not cause effluent of liquid waste to be discharged into any drain, or any part thereof.

(D) Keep the Tenement and Surroundings thereof free from weeds, crops or poisonous plants.

(E) Keep grasses low and trim, cut and trim flowers and hedges and keep them neat within the surrounding of the Tenement.

(F) Ensure that drains running through or by the Tenement and kept clean from blockage.

(G) Ensure that no dirty water or stagnant water is kept in any part of the Tenement or the Surrounding thereof.

(H) Keep clean, neat and free from odors such Tenement and surrounding thereof.

(I) Bag all waste.

(J) Keep clean the space from the premises to the Road verge and drains (where applicable) of weeds, refuse and effluent liquid waste.


ISWAMA will make your Environment clean and healthy. Thank You.