(A) To collect, remove, process, treat and safe disposal of domestic, hospital,commercial, Institutional and Industrial waste.

(B) To Recycle Waste

(C) To design blueprints for the establishment of Sewage disposal system and clearing sewage.

(D) To advice and make recommendations to the Ministry of Environment for improvement in Collection, Removal, Processing, Treatment and Safe Disposal of Wastes.

(E)To clean streets.

(F) To remove and dispose of abandoned vehicles.

(G) To remove and dispose of carcasses of dead animals from Public places.

(H) To monitor the cleaning, clearing and maintenance of drainage facilities within Imo State.

(I) To design, operate and maintain waste disposal facilities.

(J) To prepare and update from time to time Master plans for Waste Collection and Disposal in the cities, towns and villages within Imo State and the control of the resultant waste system within Imo State.

(K) To approve and close watch on all waste disposal systems in Imo State.

(L) To do all such acts as appear to it to be requisite advantageous, convenient for or in connection with the carrying out of it’s functions or incidental to their proper discharge.